Innovation in Presswork President & Representative Director TADAHIRO KUNO

For more than 70 years, we have earned the trust of many clients for our high-quality state-of-the-art manufacturing featuring complex, high-precision presswork. We are involved from the product development stage, and have created an integrated system that covers prototyping, die design and fabrication, pressing, welding, machining, assembly, cleaning, and surface treatment. In particular, to strengthen our Die Department , we have introduced cutting-edge equipment, raised the in-house production rate, and realized the fabrication of highly functional dies with unique specifications. In the Mass Production Department, we have over 130 press units including a 1200 t servo press developed jointly with a press manufacturer. We are building a high-quality production system by combining robots developed in house with presses and welding machines to promote innovative automation and rationalization. Our recent endeavors include strengthening our response capabilities for the production of parts for next-generation automobiles such as EV, as well as moving forward with development targeting the use of DX (Digital Transformation). Furthermore, we actively take measures consistent with SDGs. The environment that surrounds us is constantly changing in dramatic ways, and for us to realize our goal it is necessary for the organization to work organically based, for example, on the spirit of harmony, trust, and communication, and for all staff to be able to fully exert their skills and abilities. To this end, we are concentrating our efforts on human resource development and environmental improvement to create a rewarding workplace. We welcome the challenge of pursuing technical innovation in the field of presswork to meet the expectations of our clients. We will continue to work hard and look forward to your continuing support.

Motto: Happiness, Service, Prosperity
Management Philosophy: Polish skills,
Nurture harmony, Realize dreams.


Company Name KUNO Kinzoku Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded January 1947
Established November 1950
Capital 80 million JPY
Location Tokoname Plant
174 Aza Ikeda, Kume, Tokoname-shi, Aichi 479-0002 (Kume Nambu Industrial Park )
Arimatsu Plant
201 Nozue-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Telephone 0569-43-8801 (main)
FAX 0569-43-8008
Representative Tadahiro Kuno, President & Representative Director
Number of Employees 352 (Male: 274 / Female: 78)
Business Activities Design and development of automotive and industrial parts, die fabrication, presswork, welding, assembly, machining, surface treatment
Major Clients Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd., DENSO Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. , Hitachi, Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Toyota Industries Corporation, Autoliv Japan Ltd., and more than about 30 other companies
Affiliate Company MicroLink Corporation (computer software development)


ベーススライド SPC270C t=1.6 高精度・難加工製品


250t progressive press + 200t・150t robot press
Product size 260㎜×240㎜

プレートダンパー t=3.6 大型高精度部品


1200t progressive press
Product size 180×120㎜

ロアアーム SHGA440 t=2.3 ハイテン材使用


200t progressive press
150t robot press
Product size 180×120㎜

ECUカバー/ケース SECE t=0.8/0.4 HEV向ECUハウジング


110t progressive press + 110t robot press
Product size 255㎜×125㎜

電動シェード SPC270 t=1.0 プレス、塗装


1200t progressive press

電動シェード SPC270 t=1.0 プレス 溶接 塗装 ファスナー貼付


1200t progressive press

電動シェード SPC270 t=1.0 プレス、塗装、スポンジ貼付


1200t progressive press

ユニバーサルステップ SCGA590 t=2.3 プレス、溶接、塗装


1200t progressive press

サイドメンバー SHGA590 t=1.6㎜ 複雑形状の溶接加工品


200t progressive press

リンフォースサイドメンバー SHGA t=2.9㎜ 溶接加工品


600t progressive press



200t progressive press + 200t robot press


Precision within ±1/100 mm
Technical capabilities for complex, high-precision presswork

For presswork makers, dies are the most important piece of know-how, and the technical capabilities of presses are mostly determined by die precision. At our company, more than 90% of dies are fabricated in-house, taking advantage of our expert die-making techniques and extensive equipment line-up. We handle everything in-house from the design to manufacturing and maintenance, and we have built advanced technologies in the fields of die design, die parts processing, and trial adjustment, which are the key to high-precision dies.

Die Design Technology
It is no exaggeration to say that 80% of die making is determined by design. We make accurate blueprints with consideration given to all possible processing conditions, such as the shaping of the product, the specifications of the production equipment, the function of each processing step, a simple and high-precision die structure, and the ease of assembly, adjustment, and repair. For high-tensile steel that is easily affected by various processing conditions, it is difficult to make good products with just experience and die structure; for reliable designs, we employ simulation technology to create the optimal expected shape of die parts.
Die Part Processing Technology
High-precision equipment is indispensable to the making of high-precision die parts. We have carefully selected all our equipment, including four jig borers controlled to with 1/10,000 mm and wire-cut electrical discharge machines from Yasda Precision Tools K.K. Combining these with the most advanced tooling, we are able to shorten the processing time as well as increase the precision of processing. We also design and manufacture our own jigs, which are necessary for the “set-up” that determines machining precision.
Trial Adjustment
Trial adjustment is a technique for the final adjustment of an assembled die to ensure that the pressed parts are made according to the design. Swift and accurate adjustments require the sense of skilled workers; in particular, with a complex and high-precision pressing that involves many molding processes, the slightest adjustment can lead to significant differences in the end result. From our foundation, we have continued to build upon the experience of die workers who exert high skill when making adjustments.

Integration of craftsmanship and automation through the use of ICT

Since the development of FA robots in the 1980s, we have been putting effort into the use of ICT. Using a combination of our own servers, IoT, and cloud computing, we have introduced a dedicated in-house system for production management, die management, quality control, management of EDI suppliers, all the way to automated warehouse management. We are also moving forward with the automation of our expertise with ICT for the improvement of production processes using mobile devices and the systemization of our craftsmen’s intuition and skill. This has enabled the creation of an environment in which staff can concentrate on coming up with work ideas and strengthening their technical capabilities.

Diverse employee education, including technical certification and training

Our company has a history of more than 70 years with advanced technology as our competitive edge. Since our founding, we have placed the utmost importance on the development of outstanding staff to support our technical capabilities, and have continued to actively foster development of skills through various education and training programs. We also exert effort in creating a climate that encourages proactive technical improvement and the improvement of productivity at worksites through technical certifications that motivate staff to improve their skills and through club activities that provide opportunities for self- and mutual development.

Technical Certification System

We have established a Technical Certification System whereby each employee submits an annual work-related report, such as proposals for rationalization and labor saving, which is evaluated on a scale of 10 to 1. Level 7 is equivalent to a 2nd grade Certified Skilled Worker in the national qualification system. We provide fair evaluation to increase staff motivation.

Education and Training

We encourage our staff to attend workshops sponsored by external organizations, and we also offer technical guidance on advanced technologies unique to our company, such as die design and processing. We also provide assistance with study for national qualification tests for engineers and the acquisition of national qualifications. We also have established an improvement suggestion system to develop human resources who are to lead the next generation.

QC Circle Activities

We started QC circle activities in 1972 to improve our business operations and promote self-development among staff. We have made presentations four times at the QC Circle Convention, Tokai Branch, and at the Nagoya SME TQC Presentations, where we won one Silver Award and two Gold Awards. Our presentations are also highly evaluated outside the company.

Consistent support, from prototyping to product development, mass production presswork, and assembly

We often hear people say things like: “We made a prototype at a prototype maker but when we tried to mass-produce it at another maker, we failed,” or “We could not obtain the same precision as our prototype,” or “The unit price turned out to be too high.” These are due to the fact that the prototypes were created using a process that is not suitable for mass production. At our company, with its integrated system, from prototyping to mass production, we prevent such problems before they happen by adopting processes and equipment specifically designed for mass production. In addition, since all processes can be performed in-house, the risk of information leaks during product development can be eliminated.

Handling difficult presswork with a combination of self-developed equipment and technology

With a wide variety of equipment, including a 1200 t progressive servo press developed jointly with a press machine manufacturer and a 250 t × 10 process robot, we are able to handle difficult press molding that cannot be produced by our clients’ or other companies’ production lines. We can also perform cutting, enabling us to handle even more complex shapes and added material properties. We have set up a wide range of production systems, including welding robots and jigs developed in-house. Furthermore, our high-precision pressing makes for beautiful joints and spatter-free welding of plated materials.

Contributing to cost reduction with a one-process completion system and other efficient mass production systems

We are fully equipped with a mass production system that can complete multiple processes in one go, including a long bed progressive press (4.5 m) and robot line performing a maximum of 15 processes (110 t). We can also perform in-line tapping (roll tapping) to shorten lead time. Efficiency in transport and storage is also improved with control and coordination of automated warehouses and automated transport vehicles. In addition, all of our dies incorporate our unique compact specifications to achieve short delivery times, high maintainability, and space savings. All processes can be handled in-house enabling smooth troubleshooting.

Strict quality control system to minimize losses

We have state-of-the-art inspection equipment, including a high-precision contour measuring device, operated by in-house certified examiners to make accurate product measurements, inspections, and judgments. We also conduct automatic inspections with 3-dimensional coordinate measuring machines and automatic output of measured data. If requested, we can provide a lot management service and inspection result tracing. Furthermore, we also exert effort in creating production processes that minimize the creation of defects by adopting a single-unit flow line for easy detection of defects in the production process. Recently, we have received “Outstanding Quality Awards” from our clients.


We provide a one-stop service for high-precision, complex presswork.

We are a metalworking manufacturer that provides a full range of services manufacturing pressed parts for automobiles and other equipment, from process development, product design, die design and creation, and pressing, through to secondary processing such as machining, welding, and heat treatment. With a combination of wide-ranging underlying technologies, expert die-making techniques accumulated since the company’s founding, and a variety of equipment developed in-house, we are able to provide difficult highly complex high-precision presswork. We support production of the most advanced parts, a field that is progressing rapidly in functionality, such as through the use of high-tensile materials.
With our integrated system that handles all pre- and post-processing of presswork, it is possible to manufacture products with consideration in the development stage given to processes after pressing. By creating manufacturing drawings in consideration of post-processes, which are not shown in the product blueprints, we can prevent problems that may arise during mass production, and also improve precision with the combination of processes. Even if you only require product blueprints, we can provide the shape and precision you need quickly and reliably.



Main production equipment

1200 t GMAX progressive servo press
1200 t GMAX servo press
800 t GMAX servo press
600 t GMAX servo press
500 t progressive press
200 t robot servo press
Dedicated spot-welding robot
Welding robot

Main die-making equipment

Pressing analysis software
Ultra-precision CNC jig borer
Ultra-precision horizontal machining center
Ultra-precision wire-cut electrical
discharge machine
5-axis machine
Large vertical NC lathe
loT polishing machine
Laser processing machine

Main inspection equipment

3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine
Digital microscope
Contour measuring machine

List of Main Equipment

Main production equipment

Name of Equipment Capacity/
Number of Units
1200 t progressive GMAX servo press 1200t 2
800 t progressive GMAX servo press 800t 1
600 t progressive GMAX servo press 600t 2
500 t progressive press (Aida Engineering) 500t 4
300 t – 110 t progressive press (Aida Engineering, etc.) 300-110t 16
Transfer press 300-80t 4
Robot servo press 250-200t 8
Robot press (Aida Engineering, etc.) 250-80t 92
Tandem press (Aida Engineering, etc.) 110-20t 37
Hydraulic press 400t 1
Spot welding robot 5-3axis 40
CO2 welding robot 5 axis 10
NC lathe (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, etc.) Post-press processing 9
Machining unit (Kitamura Machinery, etc.) 4
Washers (Hydrocarbon, etc.) 2
Stationary spot welder 131
Laser marker (Keyence Corporation) 1
Balance measuring device 1
Automated warehouses (for product + die, 1 t) 9(5400 pallets)
Automated warehouse (for plastic pallets) 4(5000 pallets)
Automated warehouse (for large units, 5T + 3T) 4(1000 shelves)
Robo Crane 1

Main die-making equipment

Name of Equipment Capacity/
Number of Units
Press molding analysis software 1
2D•3D-CADCAM Die design / NC data creation 10
Ultra-precision CNC jig borer (Yasda Precision Tools) 1200×800, etc. 3
Ultra-precision horizontal machining unit (Yasda Precision Tools) 850×750 1
Wire-cut electrical discharge machines (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) 800×600, etc. 8
5-axis machine (DMG Mori) φ600x600 1
NC lathes (horizontal + vertical Okuma Corporation) Φ900×530, etc. 3

Main inspection equipment

Name of Equipment Capacity/
Number of Units
3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine (Mitutoyo Corporation, etc.) 705×1005×605, etc. 4
Non-contact 3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine Camera-type 1
Contour measuring machine (Mitutoyo Corporation) 200×60 1
Digital microscope x1000
Roundness measuring machine φ200 1
Universal tensile measuring instrument 10000kg 1
Micro Vickers hardness tester ×100 / ×400 1


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